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Creating and Editing Articles
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Miscellaneous Functionality Improvements
Confirmation Subject Line, Layout Template Picture, Default Article Sharing

Confirmation Email Subject Line
When using the Subscription Confirmation feature (accessible through the Subscription Builder), it is now possible to specify the Message Subject of the confirmation email.

Layout Template Picture
In addition to naming a layout template (when editing Issue Properties) it is also possible to assign a picture (GIF or JPEG). This picture is used to represent the design, style, or purpose of the template.

Default Article Sharing
When working with an account that will share articles with other linked accounts (i.e., a Content Library), only articles that have been explicitly shared will be available to other accounts. By default, articles are not shared and the sharing option needs to be set to the appropriate level for each article. When entering many articles that will be shared, the process can be made easier by changing the Default Article Sharing option on the Publishing Options page. This will set the sharing level for each new article automatically to the specified level when the article is first created. 

Postal Address Requirement
New feature complies with requirements of the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act

The new CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 was signed into United States law on December 16, 2003. Here is an overview of how the law affects our customers and a description of the features that have been added to the system to assist you in compliance with this new law.
New Issue, List, and Mailing Properties
Use better, more flexible labels and descriptions to manage your data

Several new properties associated with issues, lists, and mailings give you better ways to keep track of the information in your account. In addition to longer descriptive text, you can classify the type of marketing program each issue represents, change the name of a mailing to make it easier to find again later, or specify external identifiers that allow you to support future integration to third-party CRM systems and databases.