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Account Management
Maximum File Upload Size
File uploads cannot be greater than 1 MB

An upper limit of 1 Megabyte has been established for files that are uploaded via the File Manager. This has been done to keep files within the bounds of use for which the system was intended and to optimize system performance.

Password Expiration
Limit the lifespan of your password for an additional level of security

A new password expiration function has been added to the system. The main account password can now be set to expire within any range of days under one year. After expiration, you will be prompted to change the account password to a new one. This setting can be found in the Publisher Information area accessible from the Main Menu.

Date Selector
New tool helps make selection of dates easy

Most input boxes that require date values will now have a Date Selector icon shown to the right of the box. Click the Date Selector to open a pop-up window containing a month-at-a-glance calendar.

Using the Date Selector, you can easily navigate between months and years (using the arrows at the top of the window). To pick a particular day within the selected month, click the number within the appropriate box.

Sorting Files in File Manager
Click column titles to sort files by data in that column

It is now easier to use the File Manager to maintain files in your account. The file list can be sorted, in either ascending or descending order, according to the file name, size, or file upload date.

To sort a column, click the column title. A small arrow to the right of the title indicates the order - ascending (^) or descending (v). Each time the title is clicked, it will alternate between ascending and descending order.

Secured Login
Additional security has been added to the account login process

The security of account logins has been improved. It is now required that all logins occur through a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection. As a result a new login confirmation page will appear after login is completed which will then redirect you to the main menu after 2 seconds.

Other pre-existing security mechanisms include activity logging, failed access logging, and lockout after repeated login failures.