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Issues and Archives
Deletion of Posted Pages
When you delete an article, topic, or issue, the associated pages on the microsite will also be deleted.

New options have been added to the deletion process for articles, topics, and issues. Now, not only will the content be deleted, but the option to remove that content from the micro-site will also be available.

By default, the option to delete the posted content is selected. Generally you would always remove the posted content. However, if you have set an article to appear in all issues, you might not want to delete the posted version of that article.

Improved Password Protection
More tools for newsletter security

Password protected newsletter functionality is now more flexible and user friendly. Password reminders by email, forced password changing, and immediate identification of the subscriber for newsletter tracking are all features added to the password protection feature.

Subscribers who have forgotten their username and password can now have the system deliver their username and password via email. A hyperlink appears at the bottom of the login box. Clicking this link will display the Password request form.

Subscriber passwords can also now be managed by subscribers themselves. For example, using the "Require Password Change" feature, you can force subscribers to update their username and password from an old combination to a new one.

To view and adjust password protection features, select Publishing Options from the Main Menu (or from the Account drop-down menu).