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Subscriber Operations in New Reporting
Move or update subscriber records that are selected by the Subscriber Detail reports

At the bottom of Subscriber Detail reports a new Subscriber Management tool can be found. This tool allows the subscriber records that are selected by the current report to be processed in one of the following ways:

Subscriber Operation Description
Copy to Copy the subscribers to the selected sub-list(s). These subscribers will remain in any sub-lists they are already in.
Move Exclusively to Move the subscribers out of any current sub-lists and place them into the selected sub-list(s).
Remove from Takes the subscriber out of the selected sub-list(s). If the subscriber is only in the selected sub-list(s), the subscriber will be considered "not in any list".
Unsubscribe from This will unsubscribe the selected subscribers from the specified sub-list(s). The system will remember that these subscribers have been unsubscribed from the sub-list(s).
Unsubscribe from all lists This will unsubscribe the subscriber records completely. The system will remember that this subscriber has been completely unsubscribed.
Permenantly delete from all lists This will delete the selected subscriber records, physically removing them from the database. WARNING: The system will not remember these subscriber records. All of the information related to these subscribers will be permanently destroyed. Do not use this option if a subscriber is opting-out from your mailing list. You must use either of the two unsubscribe options above.
Change Field This will modify the specified field in the selected subscriber record, assigning them all to the specified value.
Change Password Status to This will modify the password status for the selected subscriber record.
Change Format Preference to This will change the subscribers format preference to Formatted (HTML), Plain Text, or Not Specified.

To use the Subscriber Management tool:

  1. Choose one of the Subscriber Operations from the drop-down list.
  2. Choose any additional list, field, or option as needed.
  3. Click the Submit button.

The operation you select will then be scheduled for processing. The amount of time needed to complete the operation will depend upon the number of subscriber records that have been selected. When the operation is completed, a message will be posted in the Message Center accessible from the Main Menu.

Survey Reporting added to Content Reporting and Snapshot Report
The survey reports are now available through the new reporting system.

The Content Reports area of the new reporting system now includes a Surveys tab that displays the Active Survey List report. This report lists all of the active surveys for the selected issues/mailings and indicates the number of unique subscribers that have responded to each.

Survey reporting is also accessible from the Snapshot report when a single issue/mailing is selected.

There are two types of survey reports accessible from the Snapshot and Active Survey List reports: the Subscribers who Answered report and the Results Summary report.

The Subscribers who Answered report (accessible through the subscriber detail icon) shows the list of subscribers who responded to the survey and the answers they selected for each question. Filter criteria can be specified at the top right of the report allowing the responses to be separated by questions and answer. In addition, saved search criteria can be applied to restrict the responses to those subscribers that meet the criteria. Use the Subscriber Management tool at the bottom to move or update the selected subscriber records.

The Results Summary report shows what percentage of the respondents chose each possible answer. This report can include data for all responses or it can limit the responses to only those subscribers that have been identified. Click the "Answers for Identified Subscribers" link to limit the report. To access the Results Summary report, click the Results Summary link at the top right of the Subscribers Who Answered report, or click the [RESULTS SUMMARY] link to the right of the survey in the Active Survey List report.

New Reporting (Phase 3)
Drill-downs and Q&A reports reveal more about your subscribers

The following features have been added to the new reporting and analytics system:

New Reporting Categories and Tabs - Two new categories have been added to the reporting interface: Subscriber Reports and Other Reports. New tabs under Subscriber Reports include Subscriber Detail and Subscriber Q&A.

New Data Points - Three more data points have been added to the trending and histogram reports: Subscribers Added, Subscribers Removed, and Abuse Complaints. This allows you to see trends related to people adding and removing themselves from your subscriber list. For instance, you can see how well people like your messages by tracking how many unsubscribe requests each mailing generates. If the unsubscribe rate is higher for one issue or mailing than prior ones, then you should review the content of the mailing and move to the content reports to better unberstand the types of content your readers are most interested in receiving.

Drill Down Reports
The detailed subscriber and content preference information that lies behind data points shown in the Mailing and Content reports is now accessible through drill-down reports. Drill-down icons indicate where drill-down reporting is available. To access a report, click on the icon. 

Assignment of External Links to Topics
It is now possible to assign a topic to an external link. This allows these links to be included in Content Reports that are grouped by Topic.

For more detailed information regarding these new features, click the link below.

New Reporting (Phase 2)
New reporting features added in this phase include:

Average, Maximum, and Minimum performance metrics - calculate these values across two or more selected issues.

Content Popularity report - map the popularity of articles and links across multiple accounts, issues, and mailings. Find the most popular articles of all time. See which Topics have been the most popular.

Time Spent report - learn how engaged your subscribers have been with your content.

Selection Criteria Editor - isolate the good data from the bad and compare apples to apples. The Selection Criteria Editor lets you automatically select multiple issues/mailings acording to specific criteria.

New Reporting and Analytics

The reporting system has evolved to become a robust analytics system for accomplishing the following key tasks:


         Mailing Performance

         Content Analysis

         Subscriber Analysis

         Benchmarking and Best Practices


In keeping with this vision, new reporting functionality has been added to the system. This functionality is available as a free preview for a limited time period. After the preview period you will be asked to select a reporting package that fits your needs.


Here is an overview of the key improvements found in the new Reporting and Analytics system (Reports 2.0). 

"Tell A Friend" Improvements
New content options

Additions have been made to the "Tell A Friend" feature to allow for greater flexibility in determining what content is sent during a referral. Options include, HTML content or a particular issue of the newsletter.

These settings are accessible through the 'Page Footer' element in the layout.

Flexible Date Range
New Custom Range option is now available for all reports

The date range for reports is now more flexible. In addition to the standard ranges, such as Today, This Week, This Month, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, etc., there is a 'Custom Range' option.
If you select 'Custom Range', two additional input boxes will appear where you can type a Begin Date and an End Date.

The maximum range of prior data is 180 days. So you can specify a date range that falls between any 2 days within the past 6 months.

Not from Any Send
New report option lets you see beyond email

A new reporting filter has been added to the top of the activity reports. This option, labeled "Not from Any Send", lets you see only reader activity generated by your companion microsite. This will exclude data coming from any email that you have sent.

This new option provides greater insight into the role your microsite plays. It shows how it is being used and referenced by users on the Web and your existing subscribers.

Improved Subscriber Download
Include all subscriber fields in the download

When downloading a subscriber list - from within a report or through the download option - it is now possible to include any or all of the subscriber data fields in addition to the email address.

In addition, the download file will now be processed and emailed to the email address you specify. It is no longer possible to open the data immediately in Excel from the download page. This change was made to make the process more efficient. Download data should arrive as an email with an attachment within a few minutes after the start of the download operation.

Brief vs. Verbose Activity Summary Report
Display summary report in brief mode to exclude extra descriptive text

By default the Activity Report Overview shows descriptive text underneath each statistic. It is now possible to remove this text to provide a simpler report format for experienced users. This is done by selecting the new Brief format link at the bottom right of the report page.