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Managing Subscribers
Subscription Responders
Using Subscription Responders you can build an automated, progressive e-marketing program that brings customers or prospects through a timed series of email communications. You can use it for special event reminders, prospect follow-up, education programs, marketing promotion, and more.
Saved Import Options

Import options set when uploading subscriber information can now be saved for later use. When used, this option saves steps by allowing you to bypass the Field Mapping, List Selection and Import Options, and proceed directly with the upload.

To use this feature, you will first need to upload a subscriber file. On the bottom of the Step 2: Import Analysis screen, you will see an option to "Save Import Configuration As:". Check the box provided, provide a name for the import settings you are saving, and proceed with the upload as normal. The next time you are uploading a file, you will be able to select from a dropdown menu on the Step 1 screen, and proceed with the import using the same settings.

Notifications for Administrators
Inclusion of custom fields in subscribe notifications

A small, but useful, addition has been made to the administrative notifications sent when a subscriber is added to the subscriber list. The information in the email will now include all 10 custom subscriber fields.

Download data option added to Search & Manage
Selected subscriber records can now be downloaded directly from this page.

The Search & Manage tool, accessible from the Subscriber Menu, has a new download subscribers option. This allows the subscriber records you select to be downloaded to Microsoft Excel as a tab separated ASCII file.

This option provides a short-cut for exchanging selected subscriber records. You no longer need to put these records into a sub-list first.

Searching for Undeliverable Addresses
Addresses that have been marked 'undeliverable' can be found and retrieved

A new search option has been added to the Search & Manage area accessed through the Subscriber Menu. This option allows you to find subscriber addresses marked as undeliverable. These subscribers can then be viewed and moved between sub-lists as needed and eventually downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

To access the Undeliverable Subscribers search option, go the Search & Manage page and from the drop-down list labeled "and is", choose the 'marked as undeliverable' option.

Invite or Re-invite a Subscriber
Invite someone to join (or re-join) your subscriber list

A new Quick Task has been added to the Subscriber Menu. This new task allows you to invite specific people that you know (or with whom you have a prior business or personal relationship) to become subscribers to your newsletter. It also provides a mechanism for adding subscribers who have previously opted-out back into the subscriber list.

To create an invite, enter the email address of the subscriber into the quick task input box. The next page will allow you to specify the contents of the invitation message. The URL that is used to accept the invitation is placed within the message at the location of the [[INVITE]] token.

Quick Tasks on Subscriber View
Copy, Move, or Remove selected subscribers from subscriber overview page

When browsing or viewing selected subscriber records, one or more subscriber records can now be moved or copied between sub-lists, or removed. This makes it easier to review batches of subscriber records and process them in selected groups.

The Subscriber View page has check boxes next to each subscriber in the list. Use these check boxes to select the subscriber records you want to manipulate. Then, select the appropriate action from the drop down list located at the bottom of the page. If needed, also use the List Selector to choose the appropriate sub-lists. When you are ready, click the Submit button.

If you select the 'Advanced' action, the Search and Manage page will appear containing the list of selected subscribers. You can then choose any of the available list operations to perform on these subscribers.

Excluded Subscribers
New email address validation process for new subscriptions and imports

The email validation process used when new subscribers are added to an account has been improved to better evaluate email addresses and insure that only syntactically valid email addresses are accepted.

In addition, the system will also look in imported files for improper, administrative addresses which are not appropriate for use through an email marketing application. When it finds an address of this type, the record will be marked as excluded and no attempt will be made by the mailer to send an email to this address. For example, is an administrative address which would generally not be on a permission marketing list.

Subscriber Distribution
Automatically split subscribers into 2 to 5 equally sized sub-lists

A new feature has been added to the Search and Manage area found through the the Subscriber Menu. Subscribers selected by the search criteria can be distributed equally into 2 to 5 different sub-lists.

This feature is ideal for market testing. For example, half of your subscribers can be placed in List A and the other half in List B. You then send one mailing to List A and another to List B and compare the results.

The sub-lists are formed from alternating subscriber records so that there is an equal mix of subscribers in each list.

To perform the distribution, create the sub-lists you need in the List Manager and label them appropriately. Next, go to Search and Manage and specify the search criteria. Then, on the bottom half of the page, select the radio button next to the "Distribute Selected Subscribers" option and choose between two and five sub-lists to be used. When you are ready to run the operation, click the Submit button. Subscribers will be copied in equal amounts to the sub-lists you specify.

Subscriber Deletion - Opt-outs excluded
Subscribers that are removed and remembered cannot be deleted.

If a subscriber record has been removed through an opt-out request, the record will be read-only, and will not allow any deletion or reactivation. This protects the subscribers opt-out status for the life of the account or until the individual subscriber decides to add themselves back to the list. This change applies in all areas of the system where the deletion of a subscriber can take place (i.e., the remove and forget option).